The Different Types of Saltwater Aquariums

petSaltwater aquariums should generally contain fewer fish than fresh water tanks, because the species tend to grow bigger in size. Marine species may be bred in a captive environment, or caught in the wild. Captive bred species are easier to care for and usually hardier than caught species. It generates a great amount of stress for a fish to be captured in the wild and then introduced into an aquarium environment. It is often difficult for them to figure out how to eat. Whenever possible, purchase your fish from a retailer that deals only with breeders or from the breeders themselves. There are five different types of saltwater aquariums.

The first type of saltwater aquarium is the fish only aquarium. This is probably the easiest to care for of the five types, simply because you are only dealing with one type of species. Amongst the saltwater fish there are both tropical and coldwater types. They can’t be kept together for obvious reasons. The water temperatures vary greatly. Tropical fish are usually brighter in color, and therefore more appealing to aquarium

Lower Sabie Rest Camp In The Kruger National Park Hyena In The Night

23The Hyena, a much underestimated predator of the wilds of Africa.

The lower Sabie Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park, in the South Eastern area, one of my favourites. Its lies along the Sabie River where it’s dammed for storage and is a rewarding game viewing area. The camp site, with a fence between it and the river, acts as a barrier between wandering animals and gaping tourists.

We have spent many a weekend lodged within the camp in one of the wonderful accommodation available. Seeing that we are familiar with the camp and its surrounds we had spent the day driving close to the camp and even enjoyed an afternoon nap, during the hot period of the day. The evening brought an array of different animals down to the river to drink, and armed with binoculars we had watched the opposite river bank in hope of catching sight of one of the big five.

With much delight we where watching a group of Elephant crossing the river towards our side. They had been cavorting

I Am Your Pet Dog

21This is a little something I thought about writing after witnessing the neglect and mistreatment of a neighbor to his pet dog. If an abused or neglected dog could speak, it would tell you about its miserable life. What would your pet dog say if you don’t love it?

If I were my neighbor’s dog, this is the ode I would write to my master.

I am just a tiny dog, Which you bought to entertain, Your family members and friends, But in the porch I remain.

I am kept night and day, While the house is empty, Outside in the rain and sun, You leave me loud and whiny.

Have you thought about what, I need besides food and water, Aside from a home, I also need your love and laughter.

I am your pet dog, Not your table or a stool, Why do you neglect me, I am not a lifeless tool.

I bark and I whine, But no one comes to see, Or care about when

Dog Breeds Grooming A Sheltie

22There are standard guidelines for grooming any thick-coated, long-haired breed of dog. You want to use a high quality, pH balanced shampoo intended for dogs; get as much loose coat out as possible while shampooing; rinse repeatedly until the water runs clear; dry the coat from the skin out to the ends, using a moderately warm hand dryer and a slicker brush. When dry, brush the coat again from the skin outward. Finish with a fine-toothed comb to make sure you’ve gotten any tangles out. Trim hair on the bottom of the feet from between the pads with blunt scissors and trim or grind the nails. Clean the ears with a cotton ball and liquid ear cleaner (don’t use Q-tips!)

But Shetland sheepdogs also have needs that are particular to the breed. This article is about how to make sure you meet them when you bathe, dry, comb and trim your sheltie.

First, groom your dog frequently: at least every 4 weeks, to avoid tangling and dirt trapped in the thickness of the double coat. In addition

How To Deal With Pet Loss 20 Creative Pet Memorial Ideas

20Losing a pet is not easy. However, there is something you can do to help ease the pain and loss and honor the memory of your pet – create a pet memorial. Here are twenty creative ways you can honor your beloved pet that will also help you through the mourning process.

1. Plant a living memorial, such as a tree, shrub or flower garden, in honor of your pet.

2. Donate to the humane society or other animal charity on behalf of your pet.

3. Place your pet’s ashes in a memory box. These boxes contain a compartment for the ashes as well as a compartment for your pets tag, collar, lock of hair, etc.

4. Create a photo album or scrapbook of your pet. Include letters and sympathy cards.

5. Put your pet’s ashes in a handmade urn and place it in a special place in your home such as a fireplace mantle or a bookshelf.

6. Scatter the ashes in a special place, perhaps beneath a favorite tree or in

My Dog Is Gassy And Seems Uncomfortable

19A few weeks ago, I noticed that Zanna was passing a lot of gas and one particular day it smelled like pure sulfur. Another change I had noticed was that she had gone from being slightly pudgy to her ribs being almost visible – indicating weight loss. Her lower abdomen however, remained distended. She would move like she was uncomfortable. She became less enthusiastic about eating. She did vomit once, but that was all – it was shortly after she ate and she seemed fine afterwards, so I didn’t think anything of it. Finally, she wasn’t eating her breakfast until noon. The rest of the day she seemed more lethargic, wouldn’t play for more than a few minutes and then would lie down for hours. I didn’t notice whether she was still drinking water, but she hasn’t been a big water drinker anyway. A couple of times at night, she would cry out briefly as if in pain, but

wouldn’t wake up.

I became very concerned and decided that I needed a better understanding of what was

How Did I Get All These Chigger Bites?

Pet Tick as a group of dog and cat ticks in the fur as a close up magnifcation of a female parasite engored with blood from the host as a veterninary health care symbol for dangerous disease causing insect pests.If you live in chigger country you do not have to venture far to find the likes of chiggers. Asking where chigger bites come from is a pretty obvious question. From Chiggers of course.

However, it can go a bit further than just chiggers. As common as chiggers are and their ever present itch a lot of folks know very little about this little creature with the not so little itch. It seems even those who are long time dwellers in the land of chiggers make some pretty obvious mistakes or at least some oversights as to where and how they are getting chigger bites.

There are basically three areas of concern when it comes to getting chigger bites when you have not been out in the field where a body would obviously expect to get

Pugs Not Drugs

18What is “Pugs Not Drugs”? Well, it’s a saying I came across while researching pugs on the internet. I thought it was such a cute, interesting saying. I thought of its meaning for a little while and realized that having a pug in your life can help you get through life. Life can be very stressful where people often turn to alcohol and drugs. Why not turn to your pet pug for help and support? They say when you get one, he’s your shadow. Having a pug can be really good for your emotional being. You will get from him the most important love, which is unconditional.

Caring for your pug will give you a good reason to get up in the morning. He will be happy and love you for taking good care of him and he won’t ask for anything in return. It’s been proven through research that having a dog or interacting with one can actually help with depression, lower one’s blood pressure, and help you to live a longer life by relieving

Breed Basics For Pekingese Dogs

16The Pekingese Dog is from the Toy Group and is more of a companion dog. An alert and feisty dog, this faithful companion packs an attitude that is stubborn, dignified and courageous. But don’t be swayed by his pretty looks, to be a true master to a Pekingese, you will have to earn its respect and ensure that the dog knows you are the Alpha.

Originated in China, this small dog is between 6 to 9 inches high and can weigh up to 14 pounds. They shed a lot of hair, being a little bundle of fur and joy, and if you are looking for a dog that doesn’t leave behind a trail of hair on your couches, the Pekingese dog is not for you. A good natured, lively and immensely affectionate dog, the Pekingese is an ideal pet for a small family or even an elderly person who loves the companionship of a dog but don’t want to deal with a larger breed for they demand too much exercise.

The Pekingese dogs

Dogs And Colors

15I think that one of the most often asked questions and dilemmas of dogs are can they discern colors. Of course I also inquired about it, wanting to know can my Pekingese dog sees me and the world around in color or not. I have long believed that she saw no color at all, because I heard or read somewhere that cats can discern colors but dogs don’t. If she cannot see the color, she does not see the world as I see it. The thought of it I was a bit sad. I knew that my female Pekingese dog as all the other dogs rely on other senses that are more sensitive than ours, and thus compensate lack of ability to see colors.

Much later I heard that there are some researches on this topic however, that dogs see color but not as much as we see them. The structure of the dog eye is different in structure namely; dog eye has a smaller number of cells that are able to perceive colors than man,

What Is A Sugar Glider And Why Such A Popular Pet?

22In recent years, Sugar Gliders or as they are also known, Sugar Bears and Honey Gliders have become a very popular pet worldwide but what are they? Why are they such a popular pet? Are they easy to care for? These are a few questions I do get to my Sugar Glider Blog and questions I will gladly answer with an Article.

What Is A Sugar Glider?

Sugar Gliders are very cute and very small Marsupials (non-placental mammals) and they are native to Australia, New Guinea, The Bismark Archipelago and Tasmania. They get the name Sugar Glider due to their love of sweet things and just like Flying Squirrels can glide in the air from around 50-160 meters which is quite amazing and majestic.

They are nocturnal (which you will certainly find out if you buy one as a pet) and sleep in their nests through the day sharing the nest with up to 6 to 7 other adults and any new born babies. They are commonly found in the forests especially near Eucalyptus Trees where

Approaching Pet Dumping Season Do The Right Thing!

21Shocking isn’t it I was appalled when I saw this image recently, but thanks to the hard work of rescue centres and their devotion the story ended happily! We’re approaching pet dumping season and this is the time of year when irresponsible people dumps animals because they can’t cope, go on holidays with no thought for their animals and various other reason that keep rescue organisations busy.

Unfortunately people take animals on without doing their homework first, and then when reality sets in and they find that the cute puppy they bought home costs money to feed, time to train, and vet bills for vaccinations and check ups they dump them. Owning a dog in particular is a responsibility that should be thoroughly investigated, that cute puppy is going to grow up and you need to be aware of a variety of factors when taking ownership of a dog. Some questions to ask before you take the plunge are:

  • Is my lifestyle suitable to accommodate a dog e.g. if your renting be aware that a

4 Common Traits Of Schnoodles

20Traits of schnoodles are consistent and distinct. If you own more than one schnoodle either at one time or in succession, you will notice these same behaviors and characteristics from dog to dog. True, every dog is unique, but like humans have similarities between races, so does the breed of schnoodle. Being aware of these traits will help raise and care for your schnoodle all that much more.

One of the traits of schnoodles that stands out is the need to establish dominance. It is usually more noticeable in male dogs. Pretty much what happens is another new dog will approach the schnoodle. The schnoodle will growl and bark and maybe even jump on the other dog (sometimes 3 times its size) just trying to establish that he/she is the top dog around here. This only lasts a couple minutes. After that, the other dog and the schnoodle usually break apart and start doing their own thing.

Intelligence is also one of the traits of schnoodles. They have been known to remember names of toys,

A Schnoodle Puppy 4 Reasons To Get One

19A schnoodle puppy can bring you such joy and love. You will want to take him /her everywhere with you, as you should try to. Schnoodles just want to be part of a family. That family anything can be anything from two parents plus 4 kids to one parent taking care of just them. However their new home pans out, a schnoodle puppy the best pick for man’s best friend for these reasons.

This dog gets bursts of energy from time to time. A schnoodle puppy is capable of high energy given that they are part schnauzer, part poodle, both high energy breeds. This doesn’t mean you have to run miles or take hour long walks to tire him/her out. A good stint of fetch should do the trick. They also like to be chase, but luckily tire easily. Probably as fast as you do. A nice stroll each night after dinner is the perfect thing for your pup (and you too).

If you have kids, you are in luck. A schnoodle puppy will love chasing after

Planning On Camping With A Dog?

Travel, tourism - Girl with dog ready for the travel for summerSo, you are planning on camping with a dog? If you already usually do bring your dog along with you and your family on your camping trips, you probably know it can be a lot of fun, but then there are the times when things just do not go very well.

My family and I usually go camping every year in the Summer with our dogs, all five of them! Well, it used to be five until just last year when our beloved beagle mix, Attila, had to be put down due to cancer. We still miss him, and I know it will seem odd when he is not there this year when we do go!

Well, anyways, I am getting sidetracked! What was I supposed to be writing about again? Oh, yes, planning on going camping with your dog!

Plan Ahead

If you are going camping somewhere that you have not been to before, I recommend that you check

3 Schnoodle Heath Issues And Their Treatments

17With being a hybrid combination of a schnauzer and poodle, schnoodle health issues can come from one or the other type of dog or even both. After owning 2 different schnoodles over the last 25 years, I can tell you from firsthand experience 3 health problems that both my dogs had and how those problems were treated. All the treatments came from our veterinarian (no homegrown guessing when it comes to our dogs’ well being).

One schnoodle health issue both our dogs had was with their digestive track. One dog ate an entire steak bone and became extremely constipated. We had to keep it with the vet for 5 days in order for daily enemas to be administered. Our other dog ate one of those giant dog treats in the matter of 20 minutes. He proceeded to throw up 20 times in about an hour. We got him to the emergency vet clinic. He was rehydrated and blood tests were run. It turns out when schnoodles have a hard time digesting anything if they eat it

Dog Food And Your Dogs Health

A patient puppy waits in front of a dish full of kibbles.Dogs have survived for thousands of years on meat and the discarded food of humans. Although they appear to be natural carnivores (meat eaters decended from the wolf), there is an ongoing debate that dogs may actually be omnivores (plant and meat eaters).

The dog became a domesticated animal approximately 12,000 to 15,000 years ago. Today in the United States alone 67 million households now have a companion dog and that represents a lot of customers for todays dog food industry !

A Short History

The dog food industry began during the mid 1860’s in England by an electrican from Ohio named James Spratt. One day he witnessed a pack of dogs waiting to be fed scraps of biscuits in a shipyard. After watching these dogs he formulated an idea to create a dog meal which consisted of wheat meals, vegetables and meat. That idea has developed into the pet food business of today and with over 400 million dogs in

How To Bond With Your Cat

15We hear about dogs bonding with their owner all the time, going for walks, playing fetch, riding about on their owners’ laps in cars but no one associates such activities with cats. Most people think cats are aloof and that no one bonds with their cat.

This is far from the truth.Many owners are now going for walks with their cats. When starting from young, owners have found their cats get used to being on a leash and the more adventurous ones are keen to explore themselves. Who’s leading who now. All the time is grooming time for cats so a great way to bond with your cat is to help it with its grooming. I’ve met people who brush their cats down, and I’ve even heard of people whose cats love to have a lint remover rolled over them or even vacuumed.

Most cats love being stroked and petted. Sometimes an older cat may develop sensitive areas and not appreciate it as much as before, but cats love a tickle under the

Bichon Frise Boots Protect Their Feet From Ice And Snow

14Are boots for dogs silly or a smart idea?

There was a time in my life not too long ago, when I would have thought the idea of putting boots on a dog was a silly concept. In fact, I would have suspected the person speaking about this thought I was gullible enough to believe dog boots were a real and useful item. I mean come on, dog boots?!

Yes, dog boots. Fast forward three years, and I am the proud and protective owner of a Bichon Frise. I want to do everything I can to keep my dog safe, comfortable and happy. I worry about his diet, his coat, his behavior, and yes, even his feet.

Why would you want dog boots?

I live in Michigan, and our winters are typically cold, icy and include quite a bit of snow on the ground. Because sidewalks and roadways are dangerous for drivers and pedestrians when they become icy, salt is often spread to melt the ice and snow to make safer travel possible.

Why You Should Have a Pet Companion in Your Golden Years

fotolia_482130_XSBy some measures, owning a pet may be as American as baseball and apple pie. Nearly 80 million U.S. households own a pet, according to the American Pet Products Association. Of those, 37 percent are baby boomers.

Janet Lovegrove of Kentwood, Michigan, was 50 when she adopted her cat, Ailish, from a local rescue. “I decided to adopt her when my [youngest] child went to the National Guard,” she says. “I didn’t want to be alone.”

Lovegrove worked at the time and knew a dog wouldn’t be the right fit for her. In the years that followed, Ailish was a constant source of support for Lovegrove, especially during a short stint of homelessness and period coping with a disability.

“If it wasn’t for [Ailish], I don’t know where I’d be,” says Lovegrove, now 58. “She was part of what helped me hold it together.”

It’s a story Andrea Stickland, veterinarian and owner of the Animal Medical Center of Chandler in Arizona, understands all too

4 Incredible Times When Dogs Saved Their Owners and Became Heroes

80801cd18a8673e096de0787c16aee5eThese days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a scientist who doesn’t acknowledge that most animals have the ability to feel emotion in some way. In the past decade, a tremendous amount of research has focused on how animals think and feel and the possibility that they possess reason and morals. We may never know what motivates animals when they go out of their way to save people, as they do in these stories, but in these moments, it’s hard not to see striking evidence of empathy, love, and perhaps a basic understanding of life.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, computer sales manager Michael Hingson, who is blind, went early to his office on the 78th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center to prepare for a meeting. As Michael worked, his guide dog, a Labrador retriever named Roselle, dozed by his feet.

At 8:46 a.m., a tremendous boom rocked the building, eliciting screams throughout the floor. Michael grabbed Roselle’s harness, trusting that the dog would lead him out of danger, and they navigated their way to a stairwell.